Thursday, June 17, 2010

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How to post a xiangqi quiz

タオ チューン

Assume that you want to post the following xiangqi quiz into your blog/website

This post will guide you how to do it.
Step 1:
Open this link
A following page will appear:

Step 2:
You can see that fen of this quiz is: 3k1r2c/4P4/9/9/9/9/3p2CCR/4p3E/5p3/4K1E2
Input this fen into start fen section:

Step 3:
Input main solution into MoveList section
C2+6 R6.8 K5.6 C9+7 C3-2 C9+2 R1-3 P6.5 E3+5 P4+1 E5+3 R8.6 C3.2 R6.8 R1.4 R8.9 E3-1 R9.7 C2.1 R7.8 C1.3 R8.5 R4+8 R5.8 P5.6 K4.5 R4.5 K5.6 R5-7 R8+7 R5.4 K6.5 R4.8 K5.6 P6.5

Step 4:
Generate chess to view the main solution

You can see a flash with the solution in the move list

Step 5:
Input variations for the quiz.
If Red has two variations at ply 1r and 2r, input variation move list into Variations section, separate each variation by a new line
1r. C3+6 R6.7 C2+6 R7+9 E1-3 P5+1 K5.6 P5.4 K6.5 P-.5
2r. C3-2 P6.5 K5.6 P+.4 K6+1 P4+1 K6-1 P4+1 K6.5 P5+1 K5.4 R8.6

Step 6:
Generate chess again, you will see a new flash with variations

Step 7: Copy code and paste it into your blog/website
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